Smart Development


Northwest Denver has always been a community welcoming to newcomers. Why? Because in Northwest Denver we have always believed in community development that encourages neighborhood serving retail and housing that support a mix of incomes. I have always believed that we cannot truly call ourselves a community if our area teachers, first responders, and working families cannot also live within the communities they choose to serve.

I have the experience and skills to partner with the City, State, and residents on collaborative win-win outcomes that meet the needs of Northwest Denver residents. As your Councilperson: 

  • I will continue and expand my efforts to create desirable zoning overlays, such as the three that shape the Highland neighborhood adopted in 2015. I will competently champion the overlays sought by the Sunnyside neighborhood. Even as I campaign, I continue to assist the Harkness Heights community in developing character defining tools that can be used elsewhere in District 1..
  • I will support Jefferson Park, Highland, Sunnyside and Chaffee Park neighborhoods during their upcoming neighborhood planning effort that is part of the City’s Neighborhood Planning Initiative (NPI).
  • I am committed to pursue residential street speed limit reductions where needed, and assist our community in these efforts.
  • I will ensure that “community” as we know it, is actually apart of “Community” Planning and Development initiatives, policies, and amendments.
  • I will continue to support and provide resources for all District 1 Registered Neighborhood Organizations (RNOS), I will support board development training, provide grants for communication needs, and sponsor community events such as movies in the parks, music festivals, art projects, and other unique events that bring our community together.
  • I will support requiring the use of organized labor and apprenticeship programs on multi-year city construction contracts to ensure the jobs created support a well-compensated, competent, capable, and insured workforce that will directly & indirectly benefit District 1.
  • I will support ordinances to that responsibly protect renters, such as reasonable security deposit limits and changing the 21-day notice of rental increase to 30 or 60 days so District 1 households can have time to adequately react.