Public Safety


According to the Denver Police Department’s neighborhood crime statistics, crime in City Council District 1 has risen 5.1% year-over-year from January 2017 to January 2018. As your City Council representative, I will advocate for the allocation of larger budgets for our first responders - Denver Fire, Denver Police and Denver Paramedics – in order to ensure those who protect us, have the necessary resources needed to perform. In addition, as your City Councilperson:  

  • I will support juvenile and criminal justice reforms with potential for positive impact on the future generations of Northwest Denver residents.
  • I will pursue increasing the use of traffic calming infrastructure, and increasing safety at pedestrian and neighborhood school crossings.
  • I am committed to pursue residential street speed limit reductions where needed, and assist our community in these efforts.
  • I will support the neighborly bonds and stronger community that result from the establishment of active Neighborhood Watch programs, wherever sought, ideally throughout each District 1 neighborhood of Chaffee Park, Regis, Sunnyside, Berkeley, Highland, West Highland, Jefferson Park, Sloans Lake and West Colfax.
  • I will focus on enforcement and rule changes to address recurring safety issues that result from sidewalk closures due to construction activities.  Specifically, I will pursue an access ordinance requiring construction zone maintain sidewalk access with overhead protection, ensuring our sidewalks are open and safe for the duration of construction.