Housing Transportation


According to a December 25, 2018 Associate Press article, as reported by Channel 7 News, “Colorado's population is now estimated at nearly 5.7 million, about 700,000 higher than in 2010. Colorado's growth rate was 13.2 percent in those eight years, the fourth-highest in the nation.” While, according to The Denver Post, Denver’s growth rate has slowed in the last two years, Denver and its resources are still heavily impacted by past intense multi-year growth rates. As your Councilperson, I will seek to expand opportunities for home ownership for low, moderate and middle incomes, and advance transportation and mobility initiatives in the following ways:

  • I will hit the ground running by providing area residents with information on the numerous homeownership initiatives the city offers such as the Metro Mortgage Assistance Plus down payment program, and the Senior Citizen Tax Exemption.
  • I will work to secure Federal and State dollars to help create attainable housing opportunities (rentals and single-family homes) for Northwest Denver’s low to middle-income residents to avoid displacement as our area continues to increase in desirability.
  • Northwest Denver’s lone commuter rail station at 41st and Inca has an adopted Station Area Plan (2009) that is already antiquated, and needs updating. I will work to redefine the vision of the Station Area Plan to require affordable housing, community benefit, and reduce car dependency through the use of regulatory tools.
  • I will support an increase in the minimum wage, as wage growth among those at minimum wage has lagged far behind the rising cost of living. These dollars go directly back into our local economy creating a win-win supporting neighborhood households and the businesses alike, and will advance opportunities for homeownership for area residents.
  • As an active participant in past and ongoing efforts to address development, zoning, and transportation initiatives, such the Harkness Heights Overlay, SUNI Overlays, Central Street Promenade, Regis University Master Plan, 32nd Ave improvements, and the 38th Avenue Feasibility Study, I am willing and able to act on recommendations and turn them into reality.
  • I will seek solutions and support efforts to bring about frequent, dignified and low-cost mobility options that serve all abilities to restore service in Northwest Denver and the downtown core in a way that we once had with the Denver Tramway. This means working with RTD to realign priorities, buy-up service, and simultaneously introduce a Denver-specific solution with the next Mayoral administration.
  • I will continue to listen to your concerns and do the work to help ensure that our lifelines are accessible, safe, and convenient for each of us.